The tales of two pernicious pugs and their doormat.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sick, sick, sick. Sick.

Been sick for about a week, mebbe a little longer. It's killing me - I got sick last week, then I got better, then I got way worse, and now I'm just trying to breathe through these horrid coughing spells. Blah. I hate coughing SO MUCH. I used to get bronchitis really easily when I was younger - I'd get a mad crazy spell of sneezing first, then a fever, then a really bad sore throat, then asthma, and then really really bad coughing. Now my immune system's a bit better, I guess, but still. I wanna be healthy, people! There's nothing to update on this side of the planet, as far as me and the pugs are concerned, so I'll just say adieu to you and pop off for a nice cup of tea.

P.S. The pugs got a bath yesterday - Celly's first REAL bath, and it was wonderful. Not the bathing part (that was not wonderful), but the after part. Where I could pick up Celly, smell her belly, and not go, "Ew! You smell like pee, you stinky dog." Yeah, she tends to practically scrape her belly across the potty pads when she goes pee. Stinky dog.


Tam said...

Aww...I'm sorry you're sick. I hope you're feeling better soon. Take some shortens cold and builds the immunity. Thanks for reminding me...I'm going to take some to prevent getting sick for my trip!!

Karly said...

Feel better! The thought of stinky puppy bellies makes me a little sick myself. ;)

Jessie said...

I hope you feel better. I'm getting sick myself, and the snow's not helping. Knock yourself out for a while.

And all pug bellies smell like pee. Because they're so low to the ground that they do sit in it. Even the boys.

Pug & I said...

Thanks for the tip - didn't know that helped, but will try it out. :) And yes, you do NOT want to get sick on the Disney trip - that'd be awful, especially with Kevin to take care of.

Yeah, she's a stinker. Babs doesn't stink quite nearly as much as she does, but then, he's not as messy as she is. I hope it's just the puppy stage.

Yeah, it's been nearly zero degrees here for the past few days, and it is definitely affecting me. I haven't been taking care of myself too much - since it's my last week before school, I've been going out every day with the BF to do stuff, and that's been killing my immune system. I seem to get better and then....nope. I was gonna stay home today, but Celly had to get a big rash on her tummy, so now I need to take her to the vet and see what the hell it is. Blah.
You know, I didn't know all pug bellies smell like pee - Babs doesn't like me messing with his belly much, but when I have smelled it, it's either very faint or Celly smells REALLY bad. Probably both. :)

PinkPiddyPaws said...

Darn.. lots of sick people running around the blogsphere right now. ha..ha.ha.. it's a "virus" ...hee.hee.. I crack myself up! (chirp..chirp..chirp) stupid crickets!

Awwww.. clean puggy belly. How cute! ;)

Jessie said...

Well, ya know, the boys have little body parts where they can hist a leg. Not so much on girl pugs who are so low to the ground that they skim the dirt. *grins*