The tales of two pernicious pugs and their doormat.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Pug Children Are Evil

I was not going to blog today.
I was going to sit at home, nice and warm, do laundry, watch a few more episodes of The L Word, finish some work, and eat some warm soup.

But I have to blog now.
Because I need to complain.
And if I don't, I'm liable to do something bad and come 5 PM, the BF will drop by and find two pug corpses and a girfriend in a fetal position muttering, "They made me do it! They made me do it!"

What have my two lovely babies done now?
Well, nothing much really. But it's the little things that totally piss you off, right? Right?

So they both aren't housebroken, in my BF's definition. They are trained to go on a potty pad in the house, since when school is in session, I'm out of the house all day and I feel horrible making them hold it in.

So I bought a cheap IKEA rug, placed two potty pads on it, and put it in a nice location in the apartment. I acquiesce that my place is tiny - two bedrooms, and a kitchen/living room/dining room all in one spot. So finding a location that is out of the way is hard, but after watching my pugs for some time, I decided there was a spot they didn't really run around in. So I put the rug there. The very moment I placed it there, the pugs decided that, "Hey! Guess what! Let's totally play ONLY on the potty pads! Yeah! Let's run around and over and on and push and shove until the potty pads and the rug are in completely different directions! Yeah! Totally rad!" So they did. They managed to always mess up my nicely placed rug and potty pads. Now, usually there wasn't much of a mess, but it still bothered me. So now, months and months later, I've decided to move the potty pads to another place that I KNOW they NEVER use.

So this morning I was cleaning, washed the rug, and put it in the new spot with fresh potty pads. Let me emphasize that the pugs NEVER, EVER, IN ALL OF HISTORY, have played or sat or whatever in that location. EVER. So it should work out, right? Maybe, just maybe, my last location was actually a big play spot and I never knew. So I put the pads down. And sit at the kitchen counter to get some work done. And then look back at the rug. The time elapsed has been around, say, 3 seconds. I now see two pugs lying down, bellies up, on the pads. Am I mad? You betcha.

I shoo them off. Then I sit back down. The pugs have gone into a Pugtona frenzy. They're running around the house like maniacs. And guess who bears the brunt of their mania? The rug with potty pads on it. Yes.

I'm mad.

Very mad.

The only reason those pugs aren't getting a sound beating is because, well, they're just too damn expensive. And I can't afford to pay another hundred dollars in vet fees.

Little bastards.

I don't understand why I still adore them.

Bastards. Total bastards.

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