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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Pug Mom Has Been Hit!

Well, she's been tagged. By sweet, very very pregnant PinkBowShoe. The rules say I must share six non-important things/habits/quirks about myself. So, okay. I can do this. Besides, what else is there to do on a sick day? Yes, people, I've got the flu. Blah.

1. Whenever I drink any type of soda, I suddenly change from a demure, quiet little mouse into a loud burping choir. I can't help myself, it's out of my control! One sip, and then...."BURP!" So I avoid soda at all costs. Btw, this has only begun to happen in recent years.

2. When I'm chilling at home eating M&Ms, I always have to open the bag, count how many M&Ms there are of each color, arrange them into patterns, and eat them in the correct order. OCD, right?

3. My favorite food, hands down, is asparagus. I frackin' A-D-O-R-E asparagus.

4. When I was a toddler and had just gone potty, I'd take off my diaper, fold it, and dump it in the garbage. There is photographic evidence of this. Yes, there is.

5. I love cartoons. I really really love cartoons. I will find it more fun to watch an old episode of Winnie The Pooh or Scooby Doo, Where Are You? than an episode of Project Runway (and I LOVE Project Runway).

6. I name things. All my plush toys have names, as do some of my jewelry, accessories, cookware, and, I believe, I once named my boobies. I've forgotten their names, though. Although I distinctly remember they were male. And flamboyantly gay.

Okay, although I'm supposed to tag people, I won't do that, because hey, what if they don't wanna? So I'll just extend the invitation to all my readers, and if you do do it, post a comment and let me know. Well, my computer's about to die, so I'd better run. Toodles!

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