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Friday, January 25, 2008

My Car Is The Spawn Of Satan.

Yes, it is. It totally is. Today I took it to the mechanic to get the battery changed, since it has died on me twice in the past two days. Yay. More money down the drain. But it doesn't stop there - noooo, it doesn't. I get there, and they tell me that my brake fluid is leaking - majorly, and the whole thing needs to be replaced. And there's something wrong with the back tires that make driving bumpy. Both of which need to be fixed ASAP - especially the brake fluid, since I don't want to find myself careening down a hill with malfunctioning brakes. That would be scary and possibly life-ending. So I ask how much this is going to cost me, and whether I'm going to need to auction off my kidney to pay for it. The answer was, "Yes, Pug Mom. You will need to auction off your kidney to pay for this." The tire things were around 1,200, PLUS the brake fluid thing, 500, plus the battery and other stuff, 170. Now, when you sloppily count that together, it comes to nearly $2000 smackeroos. And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is a LOT of money. For a stinking car that always always always always manages to screw me. So I gave up. I paid the man the battery money, and then left.

Now I'm looking for a new car.




I really don't want to buy something new - it's not that I like my car (it's evil! EVIL!), but being a student, I can't really afford to buy a new one. Regardless, instead of spending those $2000 on repairs, I figured I might as well use that as a down payment on a new car.

So I've been looking online for cars. Even in my state of abject poverty, I refuse to buy anything that is not Japanese or German-made, so that limits me to Hondas, Toyotas, and VWs. VWs are just way above my price range, as are most Hondas, so I'm gonna get myself a little Toyota Yaris. And it's gonna be new. I've learned my lesson - no more used cars.

Even in my tragic situation (well, maybe just bothersome), there is some humor to this. I've always made fun of Yaris-es. Now I'm stuck with one. God loves me SO much. Tee hee hee...


Karly said...

Congrats on the new car, even if you are being forced to buy it! I dunno what a Yaris is, but it sounds cool!

We've never bought a BRAND NEW car before. I'm jealous. We did just get a pretty new one a moth or two ago and it has a warranty, which is also something we'd never had before. Its supah-cool!

Pug & I said...

I'm sure you know what a Yaris is, you just don't remember - if you've watched TV at all the past few months, you've been bombarded with Yaris ads. Which I thought were silly, but, alas, we obviously are meant to be together.
I did think about getting a newly used car (with a warranty like yours), but the price differences here aren't really that much, so I figured I might as well get the new one.
You know, now that it's taken me a day to process, I'm actually excited about the purchase. Yay! New car! And I get A/C - my old car's A/C didn't work. I died during summer. :)