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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Where am I spending Christmas?

Ah, that question is complicated. I have family all over the US, all asking me to come over for Christmas. I have my mom, dad, and sister who were coming to Minneapolis for Christmas, but due to car issues and snow fears, they'll now be spending Christmas in Michigan. And I - broke as hell - will be spending Christmas HERE. Alone.

Well, so I thought.

And then Collin's mom invited me over for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Which means not only hanging out with Collin's dad, mom, sister, and brother, but being introduced to his entire extended family. It's a little scary, actually. But I appreciate the offer.

Now I just hope I don't accidentally trip on the tree (which, btw, is Collin's dad's favorite little obsession during Christmas) and squash all the presents.

Oh God.

Keep your fingers crossed.


Tam said...

Merry Christmas! How'd the day go? I'd have been a nervous wreck...

Pug and I said...

It actually went really, really well. The entire family was very sweet and friendly, and most importantly, I got along better with Collin's parents and siblings. I helped cook, clean, and prep for the big Christmas party, and went to the Christmas service at their church. Then I slept over, and sat with the family while they opened gifts. Heck, they managed to buy a couple things for me at such short notice, which I really appreciated. Then we just vegged out on the couch and watched some movies.
By the end of the night, I got goodbye hugs from his mom and sister, and Collin's dad interrupted his phone conversation with his sister to say goodbye. (Nice, right?)

So, yeah. I'm pretty happy.