The tales of two pernicious pugs and their doormat.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow = Naked Me

So I live in Minnesota.

And it snows.

Like, for example, today.

A lot.

And it has been snowing for a couple weeks now.

And although it's all nice and pretty and white, there are downfalls. Like cold. And glare from the freakishly white snow blinding me when I drive. And cold. And my hair freezing when I walk outside shortly after taking a shower. And, um, cold.

And lately, me taking my pants off. Yep. So I have a new routine when I get home. I take off my coat, hang it up in the closet, take off my Ugg-like boots (which are AWESOME makeshift snow boots) put my purse on the bookshelf, then ever so carefully take off my snow-covered pants. I shake them like crazy until most of the snow is on my tile floor. Then I lay them on top of a chair. And let them thaw out and dry. And I walk around the house with my sweater and panties.


Winter has turned me into a weirdo.