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Monday, December 8, 2008

So, um, I'm pretty sure I'm in love.

It's pretty effing fantastic.

So, remember my dating adventures this summer? Well, Collin was one of my dates. He was quite different from everyone else I met or talked to, and although I moved to Michigan in August, we kept in touch. Finally, sometime in September I decided I was moving back to Minnesota because, dammit, I can't stand Michigan. Sorry. I missed Minneapolis, I missed my friends, I missed Collin. So I started the whole process of trying to move back, which included taking out a bar study loan for my expenses, registering for the Minnesota Feb. bar, blah blah blah. It took me way longer than I had hoped to finish it all, but finally, FINALLY, by the end of November, I was packing my bags and driving back to Minneapolis for good. Sometime between September and now Collin and I decided to go ahead and date officially, considering we couldn't quite get over each other, despite our efforts., yeah. I have a boyfriend. Who I love. Who's so ridiculously sweet, it makes me slightly misty eyed thinking about it. Honestly, I don't think I've ever met anyone who I "get", and share similar goals and beliefs, as much as with Collin. I'm just a lucky girl, I guess.

So right now, I'm living in a relatively inexpensive apartment which is FABULOUS, I just got gym membership for the first time since July and can work out whenever I want (YAY!), I'm looking for a job, I'm taking the February Minnesota bar and hopefully passing.... overall, it's a little scary but great. My puggers, unfortunately, are not with me right now - it's HARD finding cheap housing that lets me keep dogs. So my mom is keeping them at her house for now - we've got a nice house with 11 acres, so there's plenty of space for them to run. They seem to really like it, and my mom spoils them like crazy. I hope to find a job and a more permanent place to live within a year, and then bring them back to Minnesota. That is, if I can pry them away from my mom's hands. :)


Tam said...

I'm so happy for you!

Pug and I said...

Yeah, it's great. Oh, and I just found out I passed the lawyers ethics exam, which is AWESOME. So I'm on Cloud 9 right now. :)

PinkPiddyPaws said...

Ummm...whats the word I want... Oh yeah... DEETS..where are my DEETS.. ha..ha..ha.. Congrats babe!

Pug and I said...

Dude, how graphic do you want me to get? Because I might have to send out an email instead. :-P