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Thursday, January 1, 2009


So, uh, it's a new year.

Last year was many ways. Breakup, graduation, financial issues (which have overlapped into 2009 - I need to find a freaking job!)...but it was also great. I got to spend a couple months with my aunt and cousin, who I completely adore more NOW than I did back in the day, I met an amazing boy I'm now dating (uh huh, I said "boy", Collin), I got to move back to Minneapolis (which got rid of my depression at being in Michigan), I passed the MPRE (and I'm taking the Minnesota bar in less than 2 months), and I have an apartment! And people that love me, spread out all over the world.

So I'm pretty lucky.

And 2009? Will be SO much better than 2008. It's a fact, people.


Jessie said...

I hope this year is better, too. A lot. For both of us. We could use some more happy.

PinkPiddyPaws said...

I believe Catherinette summed it up well.. the motto should be "Peen and Wine in '09" ha.haha....