The tales of two pernicious pugs and their doormat.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Celly Is Freakin' Adorable

Yep. She is. She has to be, otherwise she'd be dead from being so annoying.

So I have this pug statue my mom gave me a while ago. And yesterday I put it on the floor, because I was moving some stuff on the shelf it usually sits on.

And I forgot it there.

And today I let the pugs run rampant around the house.

And Celly comes up to the pug statue, sniffs its butt, then backs away really slowly. Once she's several feet from it, she wiggles her little butt (in that "Oooh, I'm feeling very playful...and so...ATTACK!!!" way), then started what I like to call the "Pug Teasing Ritual". It consists mainly of running towards the object, getting close enough to sniff it, wiggling the butt, growling enticingly, then running away. Rinse and repeat. With each turn, the distance grows farther and farther and the butt wiggling becomes more crazy.

And let me remind you that Celly (and Babs) only do the Pug Teasing Ritual on each other or other friendly dogs.

Which made it even funnier. Here was Celly playing doggie tag with a ceramic minature pug statue.



Tam said...

Oh, how cute! Too bad it wasn't caught on video...I'd have loved to have seen that.

Pug & I said...

Yeah, the video camera is always miles away when they're doing anything cute. Blah.