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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So I'm done...

And I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I passed all my classes. It would be nice to know all my grades, but unfortunately, my law school professors are notorious for taking up to 3 months to turn in grades. Yes, that long. I've been a bit nervous about it the past couple days, considering that it's my last semester, and if I don't pass some of my classes, I'll have to come back in Fall (which would suck big donkey balls). But you know what? I can go insane worrying about it, but that won't change anything. I won't know for sure until the professors are good and ready to turn in grades, and worrying about it isn't going to make the grades get back any faster. So, I'm trying to chill, enjoy the last couple days of vacation I have, and just put it all at the back of my mind.
I'm also going back to boxing classes today for the first time in nearly a week. I know, why that long? Well, first because I was crazy busy with finals, and then my family came over for my graduation and stayed until yesterday afternoon. And considering that all we do when we're together is cook, eat, cook some more, eat, get up and nibble, eat, gossip, nibble again, fall asleep sometime around 4 AM, get up at 11 and eat, nibble, gossip, nibble, nibble.... I've been feeling exhausted and bloated for the past couple days. Yesterday evening I pretty much passed out on the couch and didn't wake up until today.
Oh, did I mention that some of my family popped by for a surprise visit? All the way from California? And drove 27 hours nonstop? Because they're crazy? Yep. And of course they came at the most inconvenient, embarrassing time possible. Because that's how I roll. I was cleaning the house Thursday morning before I headed off to the library to finish my paper (I'd been practically living in the library for the past two weeks, and my house had suffered as a result). And of course, I was dressed in rags (because who cleans their house dressed nicely?), hadn't showered all day, hair was poking in every which direction...basically, I was a mess. My front door was open to air out the house, and I was in my room putting away some clothes. Then I hear my pugs barking like mad, and wondering what's going on, I walk outside to the living room. And guess who's standing right there? My two cousins who live in LA. And because I'm am absolutely NOT expecting them to be there, all I can do is stare at them and think, "Geez, these two guys look REALLY familiar! Who ARE they?" Yep. Took my brain a little bit to process the fact that yep, those were my cousins. In Minnesota. In my dirty house. Standing in my dirty kitchen. Looking at me dressed in rags, unshowered, unshaven, and with crappy hair. It was embarrassing, people! I don't know about you, but I like to look nice in front of people, including my extended family.
But yeah. So that's the story. And now I'm going to go nap for a little longer. Toodles!

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Tam said...

Oh, man! I hate when people pop in without calling first. With 3 dogs, 1 cat, a teen, and a toddler in the house, chances are that it will never be at its tidiest without advance warning. I hate that feeling.