The tales of two pernicious pugs and their doormat.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

TPing my house.... lovely....

Surprisingly, it isn't bratty high school kids that toilet papered my house THIS year - no, it was someone near and dear to me. I should probably set up the scenario for you all:

1. I'm in the kitchen, chilling with The Babs, checking some stuff out on my computer (specifically where to buy a frying pan with a frackin' cover. I can NEVER find a frying pan with a cover....).

(NOTE: You pug owners out there know what the Pugtona is. For those of you that don't, it's when your pug goes insane from happiness or ADD or something, and begins to run around in circles like Hell is trying to bite their tail.)

2. I have just installed a brand-new toilet paper roll in the OPEN bathroom.

3. You know where this is going, don't you?

4. Celeste is nowhere to be seen.

5. Suddenly I see this flash of black streaking across the kitchen floor with a trail of white behind it. It takes me a second to figure out that it's Celeste, and then another second to figure out that that lovely, perfectly white, perfectly cut white trail is my toilet paper roll. By this time, she's circled the kitchen table and headed back towards the bathroom.

6. Telling a crazed pug to stop and drop the TP doesn't work. She just looks at you with eyes that you could swear are turning around in circles. And keeps on running.

7. So yes. My house was TPed. Celeste performed the Pugtona for the first time ever. Hmm, well, at least I know she's a real pug.


Sue said...

LOL! Just a little FYI, human children have a knack for doing that as well.

Pug Mom said...


You mean the Pugtona, the crazy eyes, or the TPing? :)

pinkbowshoe said...

aweee. You can't be mad at that. It's so cute, but I can see annoying. Our cats used to tear our tp shred so you can't use it. gawd that was horrible.
moving 3 states away, huh? yeah we thought we lucked out when my mom moved to Georgia--and then flew like a theif in the night and came back!! ugh.
I hope it will blow over. I'm just so tired of her doing these insane up and move things and we have to pick up the pieces--i.e. support her. Its just overwhelming and espec. when I"m trying to start my own family...Its like--grow up mom!!

Tam said...

Oh! Her first Pugtona! Don't you just hate that you didn't get it on video?! So, so cute! I find it totally impossible to ever get mad at Cassie.

Pug Mom said...

Yeah, I'm not mad. I'm never mad at my puggers. They're just too damn cute. As for the mom thing, I totally understand - sometimes I feel like I'm more of the adult than my mother is, especially with her emotional outbursts and stuff. But hey, what can I do. It's my mom. :)

Yep - soooo annoyed I didn't get it on video. The camera is never handy when I need it :) I'm sure you feel exactly the same when Kevin does something adorable and the camera isn't around. Darn cameras - it's a conspiracy, I tell you. To deprive us of the cutest moments. :)