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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Well, I know I haven't blogged in a bit. Thanksgiving was nice - we took the pugger children up to a friend's, who happens to have two wiener dogs (Kudo and Bozo) and one sheepdog (Kayla). The wiener dogs are grumpy old little bastards, who hate all dogs. But the sheepdog is still young, and freakin' LOVES "herding" - I say "herding" because she has the instinct, but no idea how to really DO it. Babs spent a blissful two weeks with Kayla earlier this year, and they became best buds. This was the first time she met Celeste, and let me tell you - despite being a puppy, Celly is quite the character. After a short introduction, Celeste decided she was the Master of the Universe, and began chasing Kayla, Babs, and the wiener dogs. Then she jumped on top of them and chewed on their ears. And when they decided to go get a drink of water, she bawled and screamed until they came back. Bossy little kid.

So that was my Thanksgiving. Then I came home and worked on stuff and vegged out on the couch re-watching The Incredibles and The Iron Giant (both awesome movies).

But that's really not the best news of the past week - the BEST news is that I've finally gone and found a great tattoo artist, given him my idea for a tattoo, waited for him to draw it up, and scheduled a date for the tattoo (Dec the 9th). This really has happened over the course of two months (he was booked until early Nov) - but we talked early in Nov, and he drew up the tattoo on Monday. I've been reading BME (Body Modification Ezine) for MONTHS, reading stories of what to look for in good artists, what to expect, people's experiences, and it's really helped me a lot in my whole tattoo experience. I read a LOT of stories where the tattoo artist drew up the tattoo, and the client took one look at it and fell in love. Now, because people are so unique, I figured that this would probably not be the case in my situation, which is fine. My artist made it clear that he'd be more than happy to modify his drawing until I was satisfied with it. So when I went in Monday, I was ready to say, "Um, I want this changed, and this, and this....."

But guess what? He pulls out the sheet, I take one look, and go...... "OMG! It's.....perfect!" It was honestly the most gorgeous design I've ever seen. I couldn't even begin to think of any cons -all I could do was stare at it and go, "I want it on me NOW, NOW, NOW!"

Now, I chose something that a lot of girls get - flowers. But not just any flowers - I chose three different types of orchids, which will be lined up vertically on my back. When I picked out the orchids, I couldn't imagine how he'd be able to do them justice, and just from seeing a lot of flower tattoos online, I've noticed that most aren't really all that pretty and delicate. They're usually just a clump of basic colors, and that's not what I want. But now - NOW I know that my tattoo artist is really talented, and knows exactly what I want. So, yay! Yay! The only downside to this is that the tattoo is going to take about 3 hours to complete (in one sitting), and I'm going to blow quite a big wad of money on it. The 3 hours bothers me more than the money - I'm willing to pay as much as necessary to ensure that the tattoo is as perfect as possible (after all, it will be on my body forever). But I'm a HUGE wussy when it comes to pain, and I have a feeling I'll be in utter torture for those three hours - the tattoo is going to be directly over my spine, and I've heard the spine area is VERY painful. But, oh well. What can I do? I'm more than willing to endure 3 hours. So I will. And when it's done, I'll post pictures for you all to see.


Sue said...

Sounds gorgeous, can't wait to see it. I have one on my lower back. It crosses my lower spine and it wasn't that painful there. Nope, the worst was (it's a butterfly) the lower lobes of the wings that get farther down towards my ass. My artist told me that is where it would hurt. I've got two tats and that is the only spot where I had him stop and give me a break.

Tam said...

I can't wait to see it! I'm waaaay too much of a wuss to get a tattoo. I'd be like Phoebe in that episode of friends when she just got the dot because of the pain.

PinkPiddyPaws said...

One word for ya girlie.... "Valium".

Yeppers.... I took about 5mg of a valium before getting mine done (you've seen the blog w/ the pics right?) and while it didn't help dull the pain it made me relaxed enough to not get all freaked out and stressed by how much it hurt. :)

I can't wait to see it. Just remember, experience has taught me that you shouldn't get a lower back tatt and then jump in the car for a 6 hour drive to kentucky. ha..ha.ha...

Glad you are back and I LOVE that Celeste is totally the Queen Bee.

Oh... was in the Wallie-world tonight... saw a 2008 calendar and thought of YOU!! It was titled "Pugs"...and had the cutest little Babar wanna-be on the front. hee..hee..hee.....

If I had your address, I would TOTALLY have bought it and sent it to you for Christmas. :)

Pug Mom said...

Yeah - some people say the spine hurts a lot, and some say the fleshy areas hurt more. I don't know what to think - guess I'll find out, won't I? :) And yes, pictures will be shown. LOTS of pictures.

I haven't seen that episode, but now that I know it exists, I won't rest until I find it. Pheobe's my favorite - she's the total goof and I adore her. And I'm a total wuss too - it's just that I want this SOOOOOO bad that the pain isn't gonna stop me (although I'm sure I'll be regretting my decision during the actual tattooing).

Well, I don't have Valium. Or any sort of number for the pain. I heard that it wouldn't be a good idea anyway because when it wears off your body has such a shock it feels a LOT worse than if you just did it straight. So yeah - doing it just the plain ol' way. I'm SCARED. Oh, and I'm going straight home (a 10 minute drive) and staying home for the rest of the week. So that should be okay.
As for Pug calendars, I've seriously been looking for some at my local Petsmart - I swear, they have every single breed on the planet besides pugs. But now that it's so late in the year, I figured I might as well wait until January to get one. :) Boo....

pinkbowshoe said...

I'm so envious!! I want a tattoo but can't piece together the elements right (I'll have to research it, maybe??) and then where to find the artist...and how to tell if they'll do a good job. There's a few guys at work that have TONS of tats. I asked one kid who I like his..but I"m skeptical. I"m so exctied for you..and cannot wait to see pics!!!

PinkPiddyPaws said...

Okies... send me your addie (I swear I'm not a stalker) and I'll send you a Pug Calendar for Christmas. :)

no really... I'm not a stalker... hee..hee..hee...

Pug Mom said...


If you're wanting to get a tattoo, it is absolutely ESSENTIAL that you research your artist - and make sure to meet them and see if you're comfortable with them and their talent. What I did was look up the top rated tattoo places in my city, and there were enough good artists to pick from. Then I really though about what I like - not just what I like right now, but what I thought would still look good years later. Which is why I chose flowers - flowers NEVER go out of style. And if you're not sure what you want, you can always talk to the tattoo artist and he or she can help you come up with something. Good tattoo artists love being creative and helping out with the process, so don't be afraid to talk to them.

And the best way to figure out if they're good is by going in and looking at their portfolio - all good artists have at least one portfolio with pictures of all the tattoos they've done. If you like them, then great - if not, time to look for someone else.

Okay - well, I'm done with my lecture. If you want more tips, let me know. :)