The tales of two pernicious pugs and their doormat.

Friday, November 9, 2007

My pugs are retarded.

Yes, they are retarded. I just don't understand them. Today I went to Target to get some stuff to clean the bathtub (God, don't you HATE it when you clean it and scrub and clean and spray and 2 days later, it's begun to get all grimy again? Bathtubs are evil, I tell ya.), and I passed the dog section and couldn't resist. So I bought them these rawhide things which they LOVE to carry around all day and chew on. Along with some puppy biscuits for Celeste (she had run out), and a toy called Tuff Tugs (two handles on opposite sides, tug of war... you get the idea).

So I get home, and I give one rawhide to Celeste and another one to Babar. Celeste's mouth isn't big enough YET to bite down on the rawhide, but she can nibble on it if she puts her paws on top to hold it down. Babar grabs his and runs away.

I turn around and start the put the groceries away, when I hear growling and barking. I turn, and see that Babar has abandoned the rawhide I gave him and is growling at Celeste, who's nibbling away at hers. I grab his, show it to him, put it near his mouth, and he latches onto it and runs away again.

I get back to the kitchen, but before long I hear a high-pitched yipping. That's definitely not Babar. I get back to the pugs and I see that Celeste has abandoned her rawhide and is yipping at Babar to get HIS. I grab her and show her HER rawhide, and she grumbles and goes away with it.

I go BACK to the kitchen, when soon enough, I hear growling. I go back and see Babar swipe Celeste's rawhide from her mouth, and then run and hide in their mutually-shared doghouse. I peek inside and see him staring at me, all grumbly-looking, as if to say, "WHAT?! It's MINE! All mine now. That bitch better not bother me again."

Geez! These pugs drive me insane. And as I write this, they've decided to both settle at my feet and eat their rawhides. And Celeste just tried to steal his. He nearly bit her nose off in defense. Ugh. It's just like me and my sister when we were 6. Blah.


Sue said...

It's not just your pugs. When I have my mom's dog over (AKA my fuzzy brother, devil dog from hell) and I dole out rawhides to both him and Hemi, that same "It's mine" dance goes on. Imagine how funny it is when a 60 pound dog and a 10 pound dog are sniping each other's rawhides. LOL!

Anonymous said...

es mucho mas sabroso la comida de otro

Sarcasm Abounds said...

My pugs are just the same. I've concluded that pug + food + another pug just cannot exist peacefully.