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Sunday, July 1, 2007


I don't exactly know how to begin this post, since I'm still rather confused by the subject matter, but I guess I might as well just jump into it: I think I saw a dead person.

Now, I probably didn't, and I hope that our society hasn't become so jaded and uninterested in their fellow man that they didn't leave a dead body to rot in the sun all morning.... but I could have sworn he was dead.

Perhaps I should make myself clearer: The Boyfriend and I are driving around town this morning (10ish, probably), and we pass a busy intersection, which has a couple park benches in random spots for people to sit on. And as we pass one bench, I see this bare-chested man wearing dirty jeans, arms spread out and head tilted back. His eyes were closed, and it seemed like he had just been given a knock-out punch and had fallen back onto the bench unconscious. I would have assumed he was a homeless drunk who'd fallen asleep on the bench, if it weren't for the fact that his arms and neck were covered in what seemed to be drying blood - you could see droplets of blood sliding down as far as his abdomen. He seemed eerily still, and I couldn't detect his chest rising or falling. So, to my mind, that seems to point to all signs that he's dead - or quite injured.

I tell The Boyfriend, who didn't see it, and doesn't seem to be too worried, but we've already passed him and I don't even know whether to call in and report it. So I don't. I assume if he WAS hurt or dead, people would have noticed already, since he's sitting in the middle of such a busy intersection - but maybe everybody's like me. Maybe everybody assumes someone else will take care of it, and walk on by. Now I feel guilty about not stopping or calling someone, and I'll keep my eyes posted on the local news just in case.

Maybe it was nothing, but when a man is covered in blood, you should stop and try to help, dammit. I hate society and myself for becoming so skeptical sometimes.


Jessie said...

That would be full on terrifying, to be uncertain if you did or didn't see a very dead, or close enough. And you can't stop to help, or even see. And that's something that'll haunt you for a long time. And...just odd.

Pug Mom said...

Yeah, I think I'm in enough shock that I don't feel anything but curiosity as to whether he was dead or not. But if I find out he actually was, I'd probably be having nightmares for years.

Jessie said...

Totally, and you know that'll be in the paper. Hopefully he was just playing dead. Let's go with that idea. He was helping out when making a low-budget movie. See? Problem solved. *grins* No guilt.

Pug Mom said...

Ha ha ha... sure. I'll go with that. I think he looked latino too. Maybe the movie was called, "Mexicans in Minneapolis". Bleh. Don't know.

Jessie said...

"Death Weekend. Just when you thought it was safe to cross the street."