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Monday, July 9, 2007

Worst Day Ever

July the 8th, 2007 hates me. Hates me with a passion.

Let me explain.

Today I wake up feeling sick. I run to work to drop off my timesheet to get paid, and I effectively lock myself out of the house. So I can't get back in, or crawl through any window because they're all closed. On the way to school, my engine starts overheating and the "Check Oil" sign turns on. So I check and realize there's got to be a leak somewhere with the engine oil AND the coolant, since I had recently replaced both. So yay. I go to school, drop off my timesheet, and manage to break down into embarrassing tears in front of my two bosses while asking them for legal advice regarding a BIG problem my family just got into (which only happened because my dad was angry at my mom and wanted to do something to get back at her - and yes, they don't get along much and probably will divorce sooner than later). So I head back home and start calling locksmiths everywhere to come help - I find someone nearby who promises to drop by and open my door for $60. He comes, looks, can't manage to open the door easily, and eventually ends up charging me $90. I'm currently nearly broke, so that's a big hit to my bank account. I finally get inside the house and The Pug is really pissed off at me and starts biting my toes and tugging at my dress, prompting me to trip and smash my toes really hard into a cabinet. Now they're hurting like a mofo.

So I sit here in my room, hurting, tired, pissed off, and I STILL need to call around to figure out this whole legal mess my parents have gotten into. God, I HATE my life sometimes.

P.S. I know this isn't at all entertaining, but I really needed to get it out of my system.


Jessie said...

Oh, sugar. Don't you hate those days? When the cosmos align to make you crazy? I say you just take a nice long bath, drink a glass of wine, eat some chocolates and forget about everyone.

And paper train The Pug. That way, if you don't wanna take him out, "Go pee on your paper" works. ;)

Tam said...

I'm sorry you had such a sucky day. I hope tomorrow's better.

Pug Mom said...

Blah. It's more of a sucky godawful week (I've been worried sick about my parents since Thursday) - but after taking a 2 hour bath with my special Basin bath bombs, I've calmed down somewhat. And the pug is paper trained - he's just an asshole whenever I leave him by himself at home. I still need to take my car to the mechanic, but at least I have an idea of what's happening, instead of getting ripped off by these jerks that call themselves mechanics over here. I swear, I've ended up shelling out $70 and usually more every time I go to the mechanic - even if it's just for an oil change. There's always SOMETHING wrong with my car (I know it's old, but it can't be THAT bad...).... Ick. I wish I had their job.

Jessie said...

*grins* Well, Wrinkles knows "Go pee on your paper" means it's pee time. We can tell that any time of the day, and she'll pee. Less stress.

I still think a stiff drink would be your bestest friend. And can you take someone with at the mechanic? Someone knowledgeable, I mean. So it can mess them up.

At least your car isn't like my rust bucket. Literally a rust bucket.

Anonymous said...

Awww..sweetie! I'm sorry to hear about your "suck week" and I totally sympathize. I hope you got your car fixed and that you stuck it to the mechanics who obviously screwed something up in the first place.

And good luck with your folks. It's awful that you are in the mix with your parents difficulties.

Chin up!