The tales of two pernicious pugs and their doormat.

Monday, July 16, 2007


So I took my car to be checked out - I found a really nice, HONEST mechanic who went through everything and realized that I'm going to need major changes. This is an OLD car with lots and lots of mileage, so I figured this day would come sooner or later, but I was hoping it wouldn't until next year, when I graduate and get a new car. But alas. So it seems I'm be spending $300 on fixing it (just parts) and begging my dad to come from Michigan and fix it for me (otherwise I'd be spending over $800 to fix it at the mechanic - and he reduced his prices). So bleh.
Family issues are still around, but it seems like it'll all blow over if they cooperate. Which I've strongly advised them to do. But still - I'm normally a very anxious person, and when it comes to my family's problems, I cannot manage to stop worrying until I know the problem has been cleared up. Having depression doesn't help either - usually my medication is more than enough for me to float through a normal day, but if I have big problems, I find it impossible to sleep and spend the rest of the day with little voices in my head describing the worst possible scenario that could happen. It drives me insane.
Ick. Okay, that's enough depressing talk for now. I did hear good news today, though. I'm currently in the process of buying a black pug puppy, who should be ready to come home around September. Today I got word that she was finally born - the mommy popped out EIGHT puggies. Eight! That's a ridiculously huge amount for a pug. Six boys and two girls. And one of those girls will be mine soon. Yay! I'm so excited - I can't wait to have another little pugger running around the house terrorizing all the ants. I should be getting pictures sometime this week, and when I do, I'll post them up. I've heard some people say that they just don't like pugs - but as you will discover soon, pug puppies are just ridiculously adorable. You can't NOT like a pug puppy. Maybe a pug dog. But NOT a pug puppy.
All right - time to go to bed. I promise I'll devote more time to blogging - I've just been horribly busy this week. Toodles!


Tam said...

What just a damn can someone not like a Pug?! I can't even think past that line...but I'll try...I can't wait to see pics of the new little girl!

Jessie said...

Pug dogs might be a pain in the butt, but the puppies?! Are adorable! Ask anyone that's ever had one. I just...*blinks*. Oh, hey. The black pug might have less shedding. I remember hearing that but I don't know if it's an old wives tale or not. So cute. How's Devil's Spawn taking the news that he's not going to be an only child?

And I'm sorry for your car. Maybe you just get another one? Like put a down payment on it since you keep having trouble with yours...Can't be any worse.

Pug Mom said...


My thoughts exactly - I can't imagine ever not liking a pug. But then, some people say I'm odd. :)


I thought about getting a new car, but being a student AND financing a car isn't exactly fantastic for my budget. So I'm stuck with my car for at least another year. As for the black pugs shedding less, that's actually true - my breeder and others have said that black pugs only have 1 coat, unlike fawns which have 2, so there's definitely quite a bit less shedding. Hallelujah! :) And I'm sure Babar will be jealous with steam coming out of his ears - but he'd better get over it. :)

Jessie said...

I understand the lack of funds, believe me. I was just thinking about you sinking money into a neverending pit *waves veteran flag on that* and if it'd be easier to sell yours and put some money down on a better one.

Woohoo. Go you then. Babar's gonna cause enough problem as he gets older. Nothing like watching a chunk of the undercoat glop all over the floor. Did you name him after the elephant? Aie, you're gonna have so much fun waiting for your little girl. It should calm Babar down, too. He'll have someone else to help him run in circles with.

Pug Mom said...

Yep, he's named after the elephant. Those used to be some of my favorite stories when I was a kid. Along with anything written by Arnold Lobel. And when I get my girl, I'll name her Celeste (which is Babar's wife in the stories). :) I'm such a nerd.
And yes, I do think it'll help Babs call down a bit - there'll be someone there to take his mind off the fact that I'm at work.

Jessie said...

I remember the cartoons. I used to love those. That's the cutest, and really, most original pairing I've seen in awhile. Pugs have separation anxiety, a lot. They need people around, or other dogs. As godmom said, "If we'd known that, Wrinkles would have had a playmate all these years." Pugs cling a lot otherwise. You're gonna have so much fun.