The tales of two pernicious pugs and their doormat.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Pugs Are Litttle Houdinis

So I get home the other day, earlier than I had planned. And what do I see when I walk inside? Nothing. That's right - nothing. No pugs anywhere. Now, I may be a forgetful person, but I usually make double sure that my pugs are actually IN the house when I leave.

All doors in the house are closed at all times, so the pugs don't get into mischief. And I didn't accidentally lock them in a room - I KNOW I saw both of them staring at me when I walked out the door. So where could they be?

And then I hear a little snorgle coming from inside the bathroom door. I open it up, and guess what? My two pugs come running out.

What do you think popped into my head at that point?
A) OMG! My ex was in the house and he locked the pugs in the bathroom! I am going to KILL him.
B) Well...okay, there was just A.

So I call him. He was supposed to pop by later that day to watch some TV with me, but not for several hours. I ask him - he says he hasn't been around. And I believe him - mostly because he KNOWS he'll be in BIG trouble if he did lock the pugs in the bathroom.

So that leaves me with B) OMG! Someone was in my house! And they locked the pugs in the bathroom!

So I call my landlord and ask him if he dropped by unannounced. Which would be really really odd, but hey, that's the better option between that and having some random person in my house.

He didn't drop by.

So I left the door open? Someone walked in? Tried to rob me and stuck the pugs in the bathroom to shut up? But nothing was touched. My valuables (the few that I have) were still around.

So.... that only leaves me with one, very strange, explanation. I left the bathroom door open (which happens very very rarely) and the pugs somehow locked themselves inside. I know they're a rambunctious bunch, but I can't comprehend how they were able to CLOSE the door.

So.... I'm confused. I'd kill for video of that.

All right, an update on the whole JAG Air Force deal. The pay is not good - 30/40 base pay. We do get insurance and a lot of other benefits, and possibly free housing and food (depends on the situation), but I will finish law school with 150 thousand dollars in debt, so I will need a decent salary to pay off my debt. I'm guessing my monthly payments will be about $1000 or more, plus my expenses of housing and food - I think I'll need at least nearly $3,000 a month to be okay. So, okay - the pay will cover me, but barely. On the other hand, the job itself sounds fascinating. Honestly, the challenge of both having to keep myself physically fit at all times, and having to force myself to learn and work with different types of law - that just sounds so stimulating to both my body and my mind. It's like the complete package, and I'm sure my physical fitness will help my mind - they're all interconnected. Perhaps the one thing that bothers me the most is that we are soldiers first, and lawyers second - if there IS a need, I will be sent into combat. Considering the political atmosphere right now, I doubt there will be anything to worry about for at least the next 4 years. But then, you never know - China might decide to start WWIII (*snort, giggle*). It's not that I'm against war per se - I can see the need for it in certain circumstances... but I don't wanna die! Okay, I'm willing to put my life at risk, but only for something I believe in. And maybe I won't believe in the next war. Maybe I'll think it's just a load of bullshit. And if I have to die, I don't want my last thought to be, "Gee, I don't even believe in this, and now I'm dead. Crap." I know I'd be doing my job, but I'm dying, people! I want my death to MEAN something to me. I want to be able to justify putting myself at such risk. So, yeah. I don't know. I know the job sounds great, but I should probably balance that against the fact that, hey, I could fracking DIE! Oh, and the pay isn't all that great either. So, we'll see. I think in the end I'll apply, and we'll see how it goes from there - I might not even get in, you never know.

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