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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Brazil! Brazil! And a cool bird, too.

So, I'll be flying outta here tomorrow at 2 PM. Awesome, right?! And I'm glad that even if I'm not going with a boyfriend, I'm going with a GREAT friend. So yay! A friend I plan to drag around all of Rio de Janeiro all day, every day. Mwahahahaha.

Oh, and there's this cool bird that I wanted to post a video of...and I tried, three times, but YouTube didn't let me. I tried a couple days ago. Today I open my blog and TADA! There it is. 3 posts of it. So...yeah. YouTube is frickin' weird. So I'm just giving you a link - check it out!

See you all around! Oh, I might be able to post something from Rio. Maybe. Regardless, cheerio mateys!

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