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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

20 Things About Pug Mom

After long thought, I decided this blog belongs to me, Pug Mom, just as much as Babar. Therefore, I'm allowed to blog about myself from time to time. I hope. And I figured a "20 Things About Me..." list would be an easy way to start. So here goes.

  1. I'm addicted to ice cream. My stomach starts eating itself alive if I don't get a scoop once a day.
  2. I'm half Mexican, half Ecuadorian. But I've lived in good ol' US of A all my life.
  3. I used to change my diapers when I was a toddler. I kid you not.
  4. I start drooling when I think of asparagus.
  5. I love having my feet kissed. Not massaged, KISSED.
  6. I bite my tongue and cheeks every single night when I'm asleep. I've gotten used to seeing the pools of blood on my pillow when I wake up.
  7. When I was very little kid, I thought my caramel skin color was just dirt, and if I scrubbed hard enough with a loofah, it would turn white like my friends'. Boy was I wrong.
  8. I once actually thought Justin Timberlakes hair from the N*Sync days was hot. Shortly afterwards, I saw the light and shivered in disgust.
  9. If it's a kid movie in CGI, I will go watch it.
  10. The first time I thought I fell in love, I felt nauseous, lightheaded, and feverish all day. Turns out it wasn't love - just bad food.
  11. I'm a sucker for baths. I also yearn for the day when bathrooms will be encased within soundproof walls.
  12. I'm scared of my pug.
  13. Although I love trying different foods, I can't stand lots of spicy-ness. It might have something to do with that bowl of guacamole in 1995 with large chunks of extra-extra-extra hot chili floating around, that somehow managed to end up in my spoon, and 2 seconds later, my mouth.
  14. I'm a law student. But I'm not evil. Don't hate me.
  15. My first kiss was with fella from the Navy in Rome. Rome, Italy. On the escalator at the Termini subway station.
  16. I love having my back kissed. Not massaged, KISSED. And scratched too.
  17. I have a bottomless tummy. If I feel full, I just need to wait 5 minutes, and I'm ready for another meal. It's rather bothersome when you're trying to lose 20 pounds.
  18. I make feline animal sounds at random moments of the day to express different emotions. I once barked at my boyfriend. I'm not crazy, believe me.
  19. I love Vincent Cassel - and I don't know why. I don't think he's a great actor, I don't think he's attractive. Maybe because he's married to Monica Bellucci, my ultimate lesbian dream date.
  20. I think anacondas and boas are beautiful creatures.

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drew.catt said...

"I'm addicted to ice cream. My stomach starts eating itself alive if I don't get three scoops a day.

Just fixed it for you... :D