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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bad Hair. Bad, Bad Hair.

So I went to get a cut and color today. I should have stayed home. I went to my regular guy, who's usually amazing. But I've never gotten my hair colored before, just permed, so I really didn't know what to expect. I decided to go with highlights instead of full color. He asked me what I wanted - I told him, no blonde, please. I think it looks tacky when you've got a dark brown shag with blonde highlights. And way too many people do that. That's my personal opinion. I don't judge you brown-haired, blonde-highlighted gals out there. He said red or caramel highlights would look great, and we opted for the caramel. I desperately wish I had gone with the red now. I'm sure it would have looked so much better. But what's done is done. Now I have caramel highlights that don't really look caramel-ish at all. They look blonde. A dirty blonde. A stripper blonde. And I want to scream and pull out my hair. I love the cut - the haircut is beyond adorable, but the color? ARGH!!!!! I spent $200 on the cut, color, and a cut for my sister, plus tip and some shampoo.... so I'm not going back there until I absolutely have to. So blonde highlights it is for 2 more months. ARGH! ARGH! ARGH!!! GAH!!!
But I won't kill my lovely hairdresser - he tried his best, and everyone said it looked so cute, but they're all employees, so I say they HAVE to say it looks cute. GARGH!!! Blah. Red highlights for me in 2 months.


PinkPiddyPaws said...

Sweetie....sweetie..sweetie.. you PAID him for a service. A service that you should be happy with. You "can" tell him you don't like and he can fix it. Trust me.. I ADORE my hairdresser but she has done a few things that I hated and I just told her "I'm really not happy with this, can you please change it" and she did.

You gotta be happy and two months of looking at yourself in the mirror and saying "ugh" is not good!


Twiddles said...

Yep - I know, I know.... :) I just wanted to make sure it was just me, and that I was being overly critical - and it turns out I think I am. My parents and my sister both got a look at it, and thought it was really fantastic, and not trashy-blonde at all. And they're really picky about my hair. Soooo....mebbe I can get used to this for a while. But I still want those red highlights.

The Creeper said...

If you are going to talk about hair, you are required to post a picture to go with said talk. It's like, blog law or something.

I'm sure it doesn't look as bad as you think, it's probably quite cute. If it is a bigger change than you are used to, give it a couple days. If you are still dissatisfied, go back and ask him to tone it down or something.

Twiddles said...

You know, I would generally agree with you that a picture is necessary - but the thing is, the BF is out of town for Christmas, and he reads this blog, and I wanted the cut and color to be a surprise of sorts for him, so I can't post. Not until he's back. On Jan. 4th. Sorry. :(

Jessie said...

In an effort to not screw up my lovely dark hair, I tend to not go blonde. I've had the highlights, and they look pretty with my skin tone, but those roots are horrible to deal with until they grow out. Using like a darker red to break up the brown, but not enough to have to kill me on upkeep. I tend to think red highlights look better on me. You might have the same mindset.

PinkPiddyPaws said...

Okay... I'm a bit odd in this darlin'...but I'd wait and see what your BF says. Cause honestly... a guy is gonna tell you more straight that he likes it or not than women are. I know..I know... your family says it's good...but I've learned that the women around me will say "that looks great" when all the guys say "ugh...what did you do" and I'm thinking "ugh..what did I do".. It's a weird chick thing I think.

I think...secretly... we ladies want other women to look worse than us so we say "that looks great" when it doesn't. ha..ha...ha..

But please!! Let us know what the BF thinks.. but given the last photo I saw of you with the new hair cut.. I'd say RED highlights as well.. okay...not "red" so much as "burgandy" or "dark red".. you know??

Happy New Year!!!!!

Twiddles said...

Yes, I do agree on the red highlights thing - I didn't want something so different from my hair color that I'd have to be retouching it all the time, and I'm also naturally caramel skinned, so to have caramel highlights just looks weird and way too light.

Yeah, I totally agree some women do prefer to look better than others, thus the whole "You look good...(but you really look bad)" thing. My bf isn't really picky at all, but I will ask him and tell you all what's up. :) But yeah - although I've somewhat gotten used to the highlights, I'm going in for red in a month. Just not now since my pocketbook is nearly dead and it needs time to recuperate.

Jessie said...

And see, I'm as white as a polar bear, so the caramel can look good, but it doesn't look great combined with the dark. I'd like a cheap trick with a bad weave on the corner. I'll pass.

Caramel on caramel might wash you out, too. Because it all blends together. Nothing to make anything pop or anything. Ya know?

Unknown said...

I'm definitely coming back for the picture. I happen to love carmel and brown. And I don't dig the really harsh blond/brown contrast, either. I'll bet it looks fine. Can't wait to see.