The tales of two pernicious pugs and their doormat.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pug Video: Celeste getting snacks!


Tam said...

Aw, sheesh! She's just so cute!

Jessie said...

I love how when I turned the volume up, Noelle started talking to your voice. And Celeste. Wrinkles does that all the time, the missing what falls down. We have to point it out to her, even if she's already spit and licked all over it. Celeste is gonna be a pistol. *grins* Babs was like "Yes! Score! Taller people don't have to share."

Pug Mom said...

Yep - she's a cutie all right. Not as adorable as Babar was when he was a baby, but then, he was my first pug. I'm biased. :) She has a lot more spunk though - he was rather calm as a baby.

Awww, all the cats I know totally ignore sounds (and their owners too :)...but then, I'm sure Noelle is special. :)
As for Celeste, she tends to be totally oblivious to what's not in her mouth - she'll search for a piece of food FOREVER and STILL not find it. Babs is a lot better than that - in fact, I call him my vacuum because he's always so good at cleaning up a food mess on the floor. :) And geez, it's nearly impossible to feed them both at the same time unless I'm using two hands (which is impossible while filming a vid) - so Babs was able to sneak in and snatch a few bites for himself. :) Little greedy bastard.

Jessie said...

Not mine. She's unique, that one. As in the short bus unique.

Maybe female pugs are just oblivious? Cause that's Wrinkles to a T. Babs went "Food! I see food. MINE!" I can't say a blame him. He's so deprived, I can tell. You're a terrible puggy mama. Babs told me, so.

PinkPiddyPaws said...

Tooo....TOOO cute!!!! :)