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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Vacation Time!

Okay, I'm taking two minutes here to let you all know that I'll be leaving for vacation tomorrow and won't be back until the 23rd of this month. I will not have internet access (well, reliable internet access), so there will most likely not be any posts. However, I'll catch you all up when I return. Sorry for not commenting on your blogs lately - I've tried to keep up, but this week has been Crazy Central for me. Today I've been running around like my butt has flames on it, trying to get everything packed and bought and stored and cleaned. I hate the whole process that happens the days before (or day before) a trip - although I'm always glad I managed to clean the house a LITTLE when I get back. Nothing is as bad as coming home to a messy, smelly apartment.
Regardless, I'm still only half done, and I have a little work to finish (as in, job work, not clean work) - so I'd better get back to it. For those of you wondering, I (and the bf) will be in Quito, Ecuador for the next two weeks (where some of my family lives), and then I'm flying to Miami to visit the bf's family. So yay - I love vacations. Way more than I should. Toodles, all!


Cinnkitty said...

Miss you already!! Have a GREAT time and I want pictures when you get back! Even! ;)

Pug Mom said...

I will do my best regarding pictures - video, not so much. Unless I run out now and buy myself a camcorder - which, currently having spent almost $200 on presents for the family, isn't the best idea. But yes, I'll be back!

Tam said...

I hope you have a great time!