The tales of two pernicious pugs and their doormat.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pug babies and MORE pug babies!

Well, I'm back home in my lovely tiny apartment, and I'm definitely overdue on a post. So here it is.

After enduring a not-so-bad plane ride home (as I get older, I start to hate the discomfort of plane rides more and more), we drove to pick up my pug baby and see what he was up to. Now, I should probably let you know that we left him with some family friends who happen to have 3 dogs, one of which is the Energizer Bunny in disguise. I swear, that dog does NOT have an OFF button. And Babar is sorta like that, except for the fact that he's overweight, so he eventually gets tired and dozes it off for a bit. Now, I knew that they'd get along great, but I didn't suspect the extent of her influence on him. So we open the door, and out runs this skinny little rodent that somewhat resembles a pug - my first thought being, "OMFG! They killed my pug and replaced him with this rat!" But alas, it really was my baby boy (minus what I lovingly term his "baby fat"). I'd only been gone for a bit more than 2 weeks, and he's lost more weight than I've been able to this entire summer (and believe me, that's another story that will be told). It was that damn Energizer Bunny dog's fault - even the Boyfriend remarked, "That's not a PUG! Where's all the fat?!" So, alas, it's time for a chicken/ham/meat only diet from now on - to get him back to his glorious puffy state. :)

And that was on Friday.

On Tuesday, I went and fell in love with my new baby, Celeste. Like I've mentioned before, I'm getting a pal for the Pug, a girl this time, and her name MUST be Celeste (Babar & Celeste - the old Babar the Elephant stories? Look it up.) And I'd finally been invited by the breeder to come down and pick out my girl (and put down the deposit, of course). So I went with the Boyfriend and the Pug, to hopefully see whether he prefers one. There were only two girls, but...oh my...I fell in love with the first one handed to me. She was just so precious - I picked her up and she covered my face with kisses and wagged her tail so hard her butt was moving from side to side. I...MUST...HAVE...HER. To hell with Babar's wishes. Now, Babar has been changed forever by his time with the Energizer Bunny - he now believes that all dogs like to play and chase him around and play-bite his legs and ears. So when they don't, he gets miffed and starts barking his discontent. So when he saw that the other girl puppy wasn't quite interested in chasing him around, he started whining. So I put down MY girl and she immediately proceeds to chase him around the living room. Ah, it was meant to be. I was so delighted that I had to stop myself from grabbing her and running out the door, screaming, "Mine!! My precious!! Mine!" And the puppy breath? I LOVE the puppy breath. I've reminded the Boyfriend to NEVER EVER EVER let me breed any dog - I will not let ANY of the puppies leave the house. And then we'll end up with 50 dogs running around and I'll be labelled the crazy dog lady. And we don't want that.
So yes, we paid the deposit and decided to pick her up the 14th of September - just two days after my birthday. She'll be my little present. I can't wait! I've gotten used to the whole puppy housebreaking thing, and the house is more than pug proofed, so it shouldn't be a problem this time. I feel like dancing around and shaking my booty to Peaches & Herb's "Shake Your Groove Thing". Couldn't take any pictures - well, we did, but they ended up all fuzzy because the babies were running around too quickly. Oh, well. Next time. :)


Cinnkitty said...

Yea!! Welcome HOME!!!! We missed you and obviously Babar missed you too. :) I can't believe you think he slimmed down because of the energizer bunny dog. Girl, he lost weight because he MISSED you so much he couldn't eat. :)

Congrats on the new baby girl, she sounds perfect. I can't wait to see pics! :)

Pug Mom said...


Psha - that little pugger didn't miss me. :) He loves people too much to miss someone in specific - I swear, if I just handed his leash to someone one day at the park and said, "Here, take him," he'd walk home with them perfectly happy. He's a little idiot - as long as he's being paid attention to, he doesn't care who does it.

But yes, the new baby girl - OMG...she's perfect. Just perfect. I wish I had her with us now. :) I hate waiting. And pictures WILL be posted when she comes home - definitely.

Jessie said...

Wait! Your birthday is the 12th? Duuude. Just, dude. We have the same birthday, too?

How awesome about your puggy girl! And don't worry. Babar'll get his weight back quickly. Though, under 20 lbs is kinda good for him. *grins* Easier to keep a pug slim from young on rather than the opposite. And Celeste will be awesome for him. Perfect together. Same energy level is it seems.

Pug Mom said...

Yup, my bday is the 12th of Sept. :) It's a bit creepy the similarities we share. :P

And I agree the pugger doesn't look bad - it's just so WEIRD to see him so thin. And I'm just slavering over the thought of getting Celeste in a few weeks - can't wait!!! And I certainly HOPE she has the same energy level - so they can tire each other out and not me.

Tam said...

Oh, I cannot WAIT to see pics! Congratulations on falling in love again ;)

Jessie said...

Okay, I TOTALLY suck for not coming back. But in my defense, it's been like a really long couple of weeks. But I bet I had my birthday sooner. Nenener!

Oh, sweetie. They'll tire you both out. Just for fun. It's fun to torture their humans. Highly exciting chatter when you leave and they can mock freely. ;)

Pug Mom said...


Hmm, you know, I can't remember when I was born - I have a feeling it was really early in the morning, but I could be wrong.
As for the pugs, the BF and I are discussing how weird it'll be to have 2 little puggers around here running around like maniacs. :) We both can't wait!

Jessie said...

*grins* Well, I was born in '81 at 7am. So go from there.

You're gonna *love* having two pugs. My godmom is discussing that after I get my inheritance in a couple months, that she'll co-sign a condo with me, so I can get my own place. I fully plan on getting another kitten and possibly doggie. Because it's me. And it's an animal and I love those. I'll probably get a non-pug though. I won't be home often enough for that, but the two will enjoy each other. Celeste will be all submissive for a minute then BOOM. *grins*

Pug Mom said...

Ha, ha, ha...well, I think I'll give you the prize on being born first, since yearwise, you really WERE born first. :) By just a couple years, but still. :)
As for Celeste, oh yes, she'll be the alpha dog around here I'm sure. Babar is just too much of a pussy to claim alpha dog status around here - he's alpha dog now because I'm a complete pushover.
Oooh, a condo you say? Awesome! What type of dog would you like to get? I know as soon as I actually buy a house, which hopefully will be next year, I'm getting another dog. A big one this time. I'm going to leave the decision making to the BF, since he's the big dog fan, but it'll be nice to have a pet around that's not the equivalent of an over-weight, greedy, whiny little two year old. :)

Jessie said...

I'm used to being the oldest. It's just how it works. *grins* I was like six in kindergarten.

Babs isn't a pussy. He's just smart enough to choose his battles carefully. That's his story and he's sticking to it. Rather thoroughly.

I was thinking of a greyhound or dane, if it can get along with two kattens. I'd love to have a pitbull, german shepherd, rottie, something like that but it's hard to get insurance for them. I might be willing to get a husky, though. I like big dogs.It won't be a big one condo, though. Probably one around Emory, since it's in my price range (read: under 100k). Atlanta's market went WOOSH! the past couple years. The good part is that Emory has a lot of students/first time home buyers, so the prices are more reasonable.

I want a house eventually. But it's a matter of finances. I figure I'll be in college another five-six years, so I have time. For my Masters, I mean. Since I need that to teach. I think I've settled on a history major with a teaching degree so I can be employed.

And don't be fooled. All dogs are whiny two-year-olds. Trust me. I worked in a kennel for a year.