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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Poor Ol' Sensitive Me.

Due to my troubles with sleeping these weeks, I've been up exploring new sites and reading about things online - and today I spent some time going over success stories for my local pug rescue group. Some of the background stories of rescued pugs are so sad - I honestly cannot begin to comprehend how anyone could be so cruel to an animal. Especially one as sweet and loving as a pug. Just thinking about the things these poor fellas go through brings tears to my eyes, and yet I realize that this is not even the tip of the iceberg for the immense animal cruelty that occurs every day in our world. That's one of the reasons why I'm a vegetarian - I can't possibly enjoy the taste of animals when I know most of them were treated inhumanely from birth until death. Many people tell me that it's not a big deal - it's just an animal that can't feel or rationalize like us, and therefore, we as the superior species at the top of the food chain, are allowed to do whatever we wish. And I know that animals can't suffer to the degree a human could, but they do feel, and they do suffer to whatever extent their species is capable of. I can't help but put myself in their place, and ask whether I still wish visit the local KFC knowing what I know. And the answer is, no, I don't. I'm not one of those crazy PETA people - I don't hate, or even judge, people who buy mass-produced, cheap chicken over organic, farm raised. I understand that a lot of us just can't afford to pay the difference, and some of us don't even have a choice (at least, my old tiny town in Michigan certainly didn't know the meaning of the word "organic"). However, thankfully I have a choice, and I do my best to remember that my choices impact the world around me, and I can decide whether it's for better or worse. I'm hardly perfect - I'm utterly horrible at recycling, I take baths regularly and don't feel a smidgen of guilt over wasted water, and I can't give up ice cream even if I was threatened with prolonged death. But I try, and really, when it comes down to it, it's not what you accomplish that matters, but your mindframe and your eagerness to be a better person. At least, that's what I believe. All right, I'm done ranting for now, and I'll try to get myself a bit of sleep. Tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut and having a waxing session, so I'm beyond excited. Short hair, here I come!


Jessie said...

I'm not a vegetarian, mostly because I actually need the meat. It helps keep my sugars more balanced. But I did look into it when I was first diagnosed, before realizing I have to eat certain things to keep the sugar levels balanced so I don't feel run down all the time.

We don't have a choice on organic beef here, but we do go for the organic chicken. Mostly cause it takes a lot better.

But I will get up and whoop some tush if I find someone's been hurting a pet. I've gone toe-to-toe with my stepdaddy, finding out how he's treating his outside dog. I've wanted to hang Vick by his male appendage while covered in honey and fire ants. I want to adopt a dog or cat from the kill shelter in my area, but can't right now. I'm not in the position financially, or housing-wise. Eventually I will. That's enough. Because a lot of times? People dump elderly dogs because they're moving and can't be bothered to take it with them. They do the same thing with cats.

To me, that's just as abusive. It's not a piece of furniture that goes out of style.

Pug Mom said...

Exactly - it's sad how animals are treated like things instead of what they really are: a living being just like you and I. I read a story online yesterday about a couple charged with animal cruelty - they had been caught torturing and beheading a parakeet for sexual pleasure. All I could think of was, "Well, you enjoy chopping things up, eh? Just give me a knife and I'll chop YOU up. That'd be even MORE fun!" God, I couldn't read the detailed article without shuddering. Some people are just plain evil.

Jessie said...

I may not like having my gerbil much, but I rescued her so she wouldn't be a breeding machine. Not exactly because I wanted her, but I was the better option. I couldn't get rid of her. I said I'd take care of her, so I am. I've had her two years this summer, and her mom with her. I'm not going to let her be snake food, or whatever else someone might do. CC's my responsibility.

And oh my god! They took the HEAD OFF!? Good lord. They should be chopped up with a butter knife, a duller than average one at that.

As you can tell, animals are my passion, and my main cause to advocate. I don't understand people who think animals don't have feelings and emotions. Daily they show that's untrue, that they're very much feeling creatures.

Pug Mom said...

I definitely agree with you - I was reading this article today (it's short):

While I know that all animals have a desire to procreate and protect their young, just like humans, you have to give them more credit where credit's due. This poor dog swims to an island to feed her babies twice a day, and she's just thought of as doing her normal animal responsability. But when a coked-out teenager dumps her baby in the trash, oh, poor her - she was just experiencing post-partum depression. :) I think animals feel a lot more than we give them credit for, and they should be given more respect.

Jessie said...

See, now that was awesome of the dog. That's an awesome mother. She's protecting her pups a whole lot better than most people can. She's a good mommy.

Then you get people like Britney Spears, who doesn't get a clue. I have no respect for her, and nothing but respect for the little dog that could. If only people were that caring and smart.

Cinnkitty said...

Ladies...try *living* in Atlanta right now. All the crap flying around regarding Michael Vick and the dog fighting charges....people are actually starting to act "rabid" on this whole topic and they don't even have all the facts yet.

(sorry - I'm a strong supporter of innocent until proven guilty and society had definitely taken a turn towards guilty until proven innocent -- which will never work because the minute people "think" you were are ruined no matter what evidence is presented)

But I'm a firm believer in purchasing organic when I can find it (and can afford it). I believe in Fair Trade Coffee support, I support my local animal shelters and refuse to purchase products that have been tested on animals.

We all do our part, when and where we can, with what means we have.

Chin up PugMom! And I can't WAIT to see the new haircut. Short hair is *so* in right now.

After my cut, three weeks ago -- All the woment love it. All the men hate it. Which makes me wonder...... ;)

Jessie said...

Cinn, I do live in Atlanta. Well, right outside, and we're gonna move back as soon as we find a place that fits our needs. I think Vick is scum, I always will. And the indictment didn't surprise. He's shown time and time again what kind of person he is. *shrugs* So guilty or not, he showed his true colors a long time ago. It's not like he was a well-mannered boy scout. Flipping off the fans, the water bottle to name two fairly recent incidents.

I'm Atlanta born and raised. I wanted him suspended from the team. Why? Because Atlanta really, really doesn't need any help on looking any worse to the rest of the country. He's a public representative.

Also? I have friends up where his VA house is/was. I told her what was going on, she wasn't surprised. There'd been some discussion among the locals about that for a while. It was no secret.

Pug Mom said...

Yep, definitely with you there on the Britney Spears thing. Ick. I still cannot understand how people with such wealth can be utterly stupid - you'd think they'd be able to PAY someone to make important decisions for them. :)

Being a lawyer, it's a requirement to be on the side of innocent-until-proved-guilty. Otherwise there go our jobs. :) But seriously, having gone through two years of reading cases where people get screwed due to public opinion and such, you begin to understand that no matter how bad the person is, there are laws that must be upheld that generally contribute positively to the community.
I also think it's better for everyone to do their part, even if it's only a little they can do, than just having one person donate millions to a specific charity - because honestly, the more people involved, the more change occurs. Slowly but surely.
As for the cut, I'll take a picture and post it - hopefully tomorrow or this weekend; I personally ADORE it - my hair is rather wavy, and it looks great both natural and straightened out. So I'm beyond excited.

Jessie said...

Paying people requires an insight of their faults. I don't see the super rich and dumb doing that.

Cinnkitty said...

Jessie -- Hey, small funny! I'm an "OTP" person myself. About 45 minutes S of the ATL and happy for it. Lot less traffic down here but still close enough to drive into the city.

On Vick, trust me, I'm not a fan of his at all. I've always said he was overpaid, overhyped and undertalented for all the hooplah everyone gave him. Yeah, he's a public figure but he is human too and I do my best to give folks the benefit of the doubt.

On the flipping off the fans thing - he showed poor taste and judgement. But everyone has a bad day and we all make bad decisions on bad days and do or say things we wish we hadn't. He's just in a hell of a lot higher profile than we are. So his bad judgements are highly publicized.

The water bottle. I can't really say. I only know what was released via the media and quite frankly, the media spins things the way they want to, in order to make the best possible story for their ratings. He wasn't charged for anything and most of us "general public" folks will probably never know what the truth of the matter was.

For every bad story there is about him, for every person who says he was an a-hole towards them..there are just as many people who have good storys and just as many people to say he was wonderful to them.

I am not famous, but I certainly know what it's like to suffer from public scrutiny and hateful behavior from a large group of people - based on nothing more than gossip and rumor.

I know how much pain it caused me and how I would go home every night crying because people would rather believe rumors than speak to me and get the truth.

And that's just from my small world perspective.

I can't even imagine how horrible it would have been to have my face plastered all over the media and hear them regurgitating the lies because it made good "news".

Soooo...I do my best to not condemn others without the facts because I've had it done to me.

I'm *not* trying to change your mind and I'm certainly *not* saying you are wrong for believing what you do.

It is your right, as an American citizen, to believe and say what you want. And I totally respect that.

I just wanted to try and explain "why" it is I view things from the perspective I do.

And I thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings! ;)

Cinnkitty said...


First - I'm sorry! I didn't mean to turn your post into a "social commentary" group. Thanks for letting me ramble on. :)

Second - Hair! Girl, I need to see the hair. I'm sooo jealous of the whole naturally wavy thing. Mines straight and flat and fine as a kittens. Rub a balloon on my head an viola....static! ;)

Third - I totally forgot that you are a lawyer!!! How cool. So I take it you are more of a defender than a prosecutor? I mean, I would think that a prosecutor would automatically think EVERYONE was guilty. ha..ha.ha...!!!

One of the cases of "tried by the public" that I always think of is the guy they accused of the Atlanta Olympic "bombing". Turns out he wasn't the guy, he was totally innocent, but the media had plastered him all over the place and his life was ruined.

I tend to think along the lines of "what if that had been me?" and what would I have done?

Pug Mom said...

I like ramblings - so don't feel bad. :)
And sure, I'll post a hair pic soon - I promise. The bf will be in town tonight, so he should be able to help out with that.
And I'm ALMOST a lawyer - just one year left, and I'm free from law school. Yay! Law school sucks ass. Well, kinda. It has it's fun moments.
And I do agree with you about placing myself in that person's shoes - I tend to do that all the time naturally, so I can't help doing it when it comes to high profile cases.

Jessie said...

I live 20 minutes outside the city, up 85. We're looking to move to Piedmont/Druid Hills/Buckhead area. Basically the north side of the city. You couldn't get me south side, like Turner field, if our lives depended on it.

See, if he had one bad day? It'd be different. I'd be like, "Okay, he screwed up. But he hasn't done anything since, and everyone gets an off day." It's not so easy for me dismiss time and time again about poor judgment. And remember he also missed the chance to receive that award, he also had a court date over fishing in property that it wasn't allowed...and that's all come out since November.

I'll admit we have a spinning media, but time and time again...I can't dismiss it. Too much evidence. I can't let my personal experiences color my perception like that. Which is why I'm more likely to say he's guilty. Not because of indisputable proof, but the fact actions speak louder than words.

I also hold other famous people to the same standards I do my relatives. Meaning, they get no less or more for being such. It was their choice to go for that arena, and the only people who do get my sympathy are family and friends. Because they're not the ones in the public. Unless they're trading on the famous person's fame to ride the coattails, then it's another story.