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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tattoo Numero Deux

Oh, yeah. Uh-huh. Got my tattoo today. And it took 3 hours. Even though it's substantially smaller than my other one (which also took 3 hours). And it HURT. Remember my last tattoo? And that adrenaline rush, which really diminished the pain? Yeah, I think I already used up my life's supply of adrenaline. Because this one - this one HURT. Every little line. And I could see him doing it, because it was on my upper leg, and I was sitting up reading a book. And it took FOREVER.

But I love it!

And I can't wait until the swelling and blood diminish so I can see how the color really turned out.

And once we get to that point, I'll post a picture.

Because I love you all, my tattoo-loving readers.


PinkPiddyPaws said...

OSSIM!! I can't wait to see it. Congrats! :)

I'm still waiting for Ranger to get HIS tattoo.. heh..heh... heh... watching the big man cringe should be some pay back for his non-sympathy for my cramps, right? ha..ha...

Pug & I said...

Oooh, Ranger is getting a tattoo? Hmm, interesting. Perhaps a little cartoon kitty? *wink wink*
And yes, the man should pay for no cramp sympathy. They should ALL pay. *evil cackle*