The tales of two pernicious pugs and their doormat.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

She's HERE!!!!!!!!

And I can't wait to escape these two little monsters! Oh, my - wow. This is gonna be a rather rambling post, so get ready. It was an eventful Friday. The good thing is that she's 11 weeks old, so she's got personality - lots and lots of personality. So it's kinda like having 2 full grown pugs around the house. Except one is so tiny I could crush her if I accidentally stepped on her (I had a nightmare about that last night). And she's a TOTAL cuddler and kisser - something Babar is NOT at all. Yay! I'm excited. Yesterday she kept on falling asleep while cuddled up in my neck. Awww, she's adorable. She also wants to be picked up ALL the time. She follows me everywhere and tries to climb up my legs. Of course I give in and pick her up. I'm a total pushover. The BF's a little disappointed - he had hoped there wouldn't be TWO Mama's Dogs around here - but alas, his wishes were dashed. Babar is a little jealous - he keeps on stealing her bed and toys, and wants to eat her food. It was nearly impossible to feed them both last night - I kept on grabbing him and dragging him away from her food bowl while she ate. Then I gave them both a little ice cream as a treat - the thing with the bowls is that they are plastic and very light, so if serious licking is going on, they're going to go in many directions. So Babar is walking all over the kitchen licking his ice cream, and eventually he bumps into Celeste and pushes her away from HER ice cream - then he realizes she's eating ice cream too, and starts eating hers. Fortunately for Celeste, she realizes there's ice cream in Babs dish too - so she just saunters over and starts eating his. Ugh - complete chaos here. Another thing about Babs is that he doesn't realize she's a puppy, so I have to make sure he doesn't jump on her or step on her - I'm scared he'll step on her face and scratch her eyes or something. He also doesn't have any respect for her - the poor baby was sleeping last night, and when Babs realized she wasn't moving, he sat down beside her and started barking in her ear. Little bastard. I had to kick him out of the room so she could nap in peace. So now I'm waking up a bit late - yes, I'm a bad mother, but dammit, it's Saturday! When else can I sleep in late! - and I'm going to wander outside and see if the dogs have killed each other yet. I checked sometime during the night and Babs was squashed into the tiny bed I had bought for Celeste (idiot!), and Celeste was sprawled on Babs big bed. Bleh - I'm never figure out what's wrong with Babs. But I will leave you with some pics the BF took on his cell phone camera last night - they're obviously not the best quality, but they'll do for now until I buy batteries for my actually decent camera. NOTE: She looks HUGE in these pictures, but believe me, she's NOT. She's WAY tinier than the camera makes her seem - after all, the camera does add ten pounds *ha ha ha ha...*


Jessie said...

You might need to feed them separately right now. Like feed one in one room, one in the other. Maybe put Celeste in the bathroom or something. And you may not want to give in her *so* much about things, like kicking Babs out. Because it will lead to a pretty bad situation. Kinda like when someone kicks out the older kid when a baby comes. Same idea. Babs'll start to resent, for lack of a better word, Celeste and act up. That could cause problems. It might be a good idea to walk him separately once a day. Just so he doesn't feel like the new baby is taking all his attention away.

She's adorable, though. And if she was like Wrinkles, she probably weighs like 13 ounces or something small. Small enough to hold them in one hand.

Pug Mom said...

Yeah, I'm really trying to make sure they get equal attention, and not prefer one over the other. Although I definitely will have to feed them separately - it doesn't work when they're together. Babar eats too fast and then tries to eat her food. But he's acting pretty nicely - for now, anyway. And yes, she's adorable - and yes, you can hold her in one hand. :) Cuteness - absolute cuteness...

Jessie said...

It's always funny to watch the little teeny thing try and jump over like a rail on the bottom of a chair. Wrinks did that and it made us squee every time. It's funny to imagine them going from little wee things to gigantic lumbering giants on short legs. *grins*

If it makes you feel any better, every pug I took care of at work would devour their food and move over to their partner's before the other had discovered it even on the floor. I think it's a pug trait.